Kids Boxing - 60 min
We aim to build confidence in kids with giving them strength and teaching the fundamentals of boxing. It will also help to improve their memory and reflexes. Beginner-friendly!
All Women Boxing Class - 60 min
Boxing can be an intimidating sport and we want to change that. Learn the fundamentals of the classic and trendiest sport amongst other women like you who want to get fit, strong and feel comfortable working out. You will get in some cardio, hit the heavy bag and learn some combinations to improve speed and muscle memory.
Conditioning & Boxing - 60 min
In this class, professional trainers will teach you boxing techniques that strengthen your body, increase endurance and build muscle. Combined with cardio and toning exercises, this boxing workout produces unbelievable results.
Sparring - 60 min
Sparring is an opportunity for students to practice their techniques and reaction timing with a partner in a controlled manner. They practice with focus mitts, striking shields and other training devices to develop precision and control over their techniques.
Boxing - 60 min
A class that challenges all levels, our boxing classes include a unique blend of sparring, pad work with the trainer, bag work, and strength training.
Afro-Beat Boxing - 60 min
With the rise of afro-beats in the U.S, this is Zumba-like dance class focusing on movements from countries in West & East Africa. We focus more on movement than choreography so everyone can keep up. And it's guaranteed to make you sweat moving along to the top artist from the continent.
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